Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Tried Something New? Trying Something New?

So the end of the semester can be quite chaotic with students rushing to finish their assignments and instructors rushing to submit their grades.  But as the dust settles and you have time to reflect upon the previous semester, what worked?  As you look forward to the next semester, what are you thinking about trying? 

We want you (and your ideas)!
Here in Academic Technology, we always want to hear from faculty about what you're doing and how it's going.  Did you use a new feature in Angel you hadn't tried before?  Did you integrate blogging into your class?  Are you using Powerpoint or Prezi for your class for the first time?  Did you have your students make videos?  

So if you have a moment, please let us know what new project you've tackled or even let us know if you're tackling a new project.  At times, we may be able to help and guide you toward useful resources and at other times, we just want to hear about great ways our faculty are engaging our students.  Some of the best ideas and resources that we have here to offer faculty come from faculty sharing and brainstorming with us ways to more broadly apply different projects. 

As we've said elsewhere on this blog, we like to share some of those great ideas and we're always looking for new ones.  So if you get the chance, share some ideas either here in the blog or feel free to email us.

Along those lines, we hope that you by now have heard about our  College Instructional Technology Study that we are in the process of conducting.  If you haven't heard about it or want to hear more, check out our  public document.  And if you want to set up an appoint with us to talk about your experiences, challenges, concerns, and ideas about instructional technology, please let us know.  If you don't want to meet with us, but want to share your thoughts anyways, feel free to fill out this survey