Monday, January 28, 2013

Best Practices for Smart Classrooms: Get Trained!

Generally, formal training sessions for Smart Classrooms are held at the start of each semester.  They are publicized in the Bulletin, on our blog, and on Campus Pipeline.  One-on-one training is also available by appointment.  If those options do not work, tutorials are posted on our Academic Technology page on Campus Pipeline.
  1. Log into Campus Pipeline.  
  2. Choose the "My North Shore" tab.  
  3. Notice the "College Departments" header in the first column.  
  4. Click on "Academic Technology".  
  5. Click on "Smart Classroom Tutorial".  
  6. Then, under the "Smart Classroom" section, click on "Smart Classroom video tutorial".   
You can also find our video on Youtube:

After using the Smart Classroom, please contact us and tell us about your experience or ask any remaining questions.  We will be posting another tip within the next few days!