Thursday, December 4, 2014

Course Migration from ANGEL to Blackboard Learn

As part of the implementation of Blackboard Learn, Instructional Technology and Design will be migrated over ANGEL course sites to Blackboard Learn for faculty. The content (including files, pages, announcements, discussion forums, drop box activities, and tests) from an ANGEL course site will easily migrated over to Blackboard Learn. 

The following points outline what faculty will see when they open their migrated course site in Blackboard Learn. 

  • All content in the Lessons tab (ANGEL) will go into a content area called Content (Blackboard Learn).
  • A syllabus uploaded in the Syllabus nugget on the course home page (ANGEL) will go into an area called Information (Blackboard Learn).
  • All discussion forums (ANGEL) will go into the Discussion Board tool page (Blackboard Learn) and will also be linked from the appropriate content folder.
  • Any private journal discussions (ANGEL) will go into the Journals tool page (Blackboard Learn) and will also be linked from the appropriate content folder.
  • Announcements (ANGEL) will go into the Announcements tool page (Blackboard Learn).
  • Drop Box assignments (ANGEL) will be recreated as Assignments in a content area called Content  within the appropriate content folder (Blackboard Learn).
  • Quizzes, tests, surveys, and question pools (ANGEL) will migrate over to the Tests, Surveys, and Pools course tools area (Blackboard Learn) as well as be deployed within the appropriate content folder.
  • Any gradable item (ANGEL) will be set up in the Full Grade Center (Blackboard Learn).
  • Any teams (ANGEL) will be set up in the Groups area of the Control Panel (Blackboard Learn).
  • Any rubrics (ANGEL) will be set up in the Rubrics course tools area (Blackboard Learn).

Here are some things to be aware of with the course migration.

  • Student data: No student data is brought over with the course migration - just the course content.
  • First name token: This will not work in  Blackboard Learn and any references to $FIRST_NAME$ will need to be removed.  
  • Subtitles: There are no subtitles for content items in Blackboard so any subtitles used in an ANGEL course will not carry over to Blackboard. If subtitles were used, here are some recommendations:
    • For assignment and discussion due dates, please use the due date feature within the Assignments and Discussion Board tools or add into the Calendar.
    • For instructions, please use the text box editor for the item in Blackboard Learn to enter those instruction materials.
    • For other types of subtitles, consider including them in the title field (for example, Syllabus: Start Here).
  • Assessments: Algorithmic questions in tests might not import correctly during the course migration. If so, these types of questions would need to be recreated manually.
  • Agents: There are no agents in Blackboard Learn.  
    • If agents were used in ANGEL to release content, the Adaptive Release feature of Blackboard Learn can be used.  
    • If agents were used to automatically send email to students based on a certain condition, there is, unfortunately, no corresponding feature in Blackboard Learn. But there are various ways to easily see students’ progress and email them.
  • Games: Games (crossword puzzle or quiz show) will not migrate over since there is no corresponding feature in Blackboard Learn.
  • Resources and RSS Feeds: Course resources or RSS feeds added in the Resources tab will not migrate over to Blackboard Learn. Course resources can be set up as Web Links in Blackboard Learn.
  • Learning Objects Repository: Items linked into a course from the Learning Objects Repository in ANGEL will not migrate over to Blackboard Learn. These items can be stored in the Content Collection in Blackboard Learn and then linked into the course.

If there are any questions about the migration, please email the NSCC Blackboard Learn Helpdesk at