Monday, November 30, 2015

Blackboard Learn Grade Center Tips

As you begin to record your grades you might to think about using the Blackboard Learn Grade Center. It can be a little complicated but all of us here in Instructional Technology and Design are more than happy to sit down with you and create a Grade Center that will work for you.

  1. For those of you that already use the Blackboard Learn Grade Center, I wanted to pass along a tip on how to “hide” information on other students if you want to show a student his/her grades in class. Go to the Grade Center and then to the Full Grade Center in your Course Management area. Look for the name of the student who wants to see his/her grade. If you click the chevron to the right of the student’s last name, you can select the option to “Hide Other Rows". This will display only that student’s grades. To return to the normal view of the Full Grade Center, click on the same chevron and select "Show All Rows" or you can visit another place within the course (e.g. Content) and then return to the Full Grade Center and it will be automatically repopulated with other students.  
  2. Sometimes I get emails in the Blackboard Learn Helpdesk from students saying that they cannot see a comment from the instructor in a particular assignment. In order for any comments to display in the student's My Grades, an instructor needs to have “graded” that assignment.
  3. Another email I get is from instructors who do not know what a particular icon in the Full Grade Center means. It can look like a triangle, an exclamation point, or even a shaded circle. If you notice this, you can click the “icon legend” to the bottom right of the Full Grade Center. All the icons are displayed there with their meanings.
  4. If you would like to print your Full Grade Center, go to the “Work Off Line” chevron in the upper right top of the Full Grade Center. Click “Download” and then "Submit" (you do not need to change any settings). This will download your Full Grade Center as a spreadsheet that can be opened in Excel and you should be able to access it wherever you typically have files download to.
I hope this helps as you get familiar with the Blackboard Learn Grade Center and, remember, you can always contact to set up an appointment for assistance.