Monday, August 1, 2016

August and September Blackboard Learn and Instructional Technology Workshops

In August and September, Instructional Technology and Design will be sponsoring a series of workshops on a variety of topics around integrating technology into the teaching and learning environment as well as on using Blackboard Learn.
Workshops include:
  • Teaching in Active Learning Classrooms
  • Integrating Open Educational Resources
  • Creating Accessible Course Materials
  • Using Google Docs for Communication and Collaboration
  • New to Smart Classrooms
  • Introduction to Blackboard Learn
  • Blackboard Learn Interaction Tool: Discussion Board
  • Blackboard Learn Interaction Tools: Journals, Blogs, and Wikis
  • Blackboard Learn: Assignments and Safe Assign
  • Blackboard Learn: Tests and Surveys
  • Blackboard Learn: Grade Center and Grading
  • Blackboard Learn: Using Interactive Grading Rubrics
  • Blackboard Learn: Portfolio
  • Blackboard Learn: Managing Course Content with Content Collection
  • Blackboard Learn: Mobile Apps and Mobile Course Design
To view the complete schedule of workshop sessions (with descriptions) and to RSVP, please visit this web site: If interested in attending a workshop, please make sure to RSVP. A workshop will be cancelled if less than three people sign up for it.