Wednesday, April 29, 2015

iDevelop – NSCC’s Faculty Professional Development eNewsletter (4/27/2015)

Welcome to iDevelop, a weekly eNewsletter providing faculty with information about professional development opportunities at NSCC. The intent of this eNewsletter is to spotlight the various professional development events for faculty in one convenient location as well as share best practices, resources and tips related to the teaching practice. iDevelop is being brought to you by Instructional Technology and Design and the Center for Teaching, Learning, and Assessment.  

Sign that reads: "Got 20 Minutes? Then you have time to learn with the Monday Morning Mentor!"

20 Minute Online Professional Development: How Can I Improve Lessons with a 4-step Plan?The Monday Morning Mentor series will be available over the spring semester to bring you professional development in twenty minute snippets. The topic for the week of April 27th is How Can I Improve Lessons with a 4-step Plan? The presentation is available Monday at 10:00am and is accessible through Sunday of that week. For information on accessing the presentation and supplemental materials, please view the email version of iDevelop or the Bulletin notice.

More information about this session (including description, topics, and learning goals) is available at The spring schedule of Monday Morning Mentor sessions is available at  

Other Professional Development Opportunities
  • Last Professional Development Meeting. The last professional development meeting for the spring semester will be this Thursday, May 7th from 2:00-4:00pm in the CTLA. All NSCC faculty and academic support staff invited! The featured speakers will be discussing UDL strategies, career discernment, and academic advising. Refreshments and good conversations served...all are welcome!
  • Path of the Peacemakers Gathering. The Path of the Peacemakers Gathering will be two days (May 1st and May 2nd) of art, communication, and embodiment focused on inner and outer peace and harmony. Spirituality, ecology, peace, and justice will be explored through film and music, with practitioners and guiding teachers from the spiritual traditions of Bhakti, Zen, and Sufism. Hosted by the Multi-Cultural Society, the Muslim Students Association along with associated faculty, staff, students, and alumni.
  • Calling all NSCC Faculty. Bonnie Orcutt, Assessment Director for the Mass Dept. of Higher Education, seeks out faculty who would be willing to participate in practice scoring for the Multi-State Collaborative Assessment of Student Learning Outcomes. Massachusetts is one of ten states in which faculty in public colleges and universities may voluntarily submit student work as artifacts in the Student Learning Outcome areas of Written Communication, Critical Thinking and Quantitative Literacy. All of the artifacts are anonymized (scrubbed of faculty, student, and institutional markers) before submission for practice scoring, and as this is just a pilot assessment, no data will be reported out except to institutions who contribute artifacts. Planning for scoring over June/July is beginning. There is an estimate of 3 hours for norming/calibration and 6 hours for scoring for a total of 9 hours. Compensation will be $40 per hour for a total stipend of $360 per scorer (9 hours * $40 per hour = $360). Calibration will likely take place at an institution near Worcester (Central Mass). Though the state will not pay for travel to and from the calibration (the scoring can be done at home), the CTLA will. The state is looking for 7 scorers in total for Critical Thinking, 5 for Quantitative Literacy, and 8 for Written Communication. If you are interested in scoring, please let Andrea in the CTLA know ASAP by forwarding your name and the area of scoring interest. More details will be forthcoming in iDevelop as soon as we receive news from the DHE.

Share your Teaching Strategies
Please send your teaching strategies to and we will share them in the upcoming issues of iDevelop
iDevelop is being brought to you by Instructional Technology and Design and the Center for Teaching, Learning, and Assessment.  If you have any professional development events, best practices, resources or tips to share with other faculty, please send them our way.  Also, we would love your input on this eNewsletter.
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