Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Spotlighting Innovations in Academic Technology at North Shore Community College

The latest edition of the Technology Across the Curriculum (TAC) newsletter, The Edge: Where Classrooms Meet Technology, is now available on North Shore Community College’s public site at: http://www.northshore.edu/faculty_staff/resources/tac.html.

The TAC program at NSCC "promotes academic excellence by stimulating and nurturing innovative ideas by faculty and professional staff that employ technology in support of teaching and learning". The TAC program supports creative uses of instructional technology inside and outside of the classroom as well as the development of new online and hybrid courses.

Edge Tech Newsletter at NSCC Banner

Check out this year's issue to learn more about the innovations of NSCC faculty, staff, and administration in the area of academic technology. 

The current issue of The Edge includes:
  • Comments from TAC faculty on their projects.
  • An article by Andrea Milligan, Director of Instructional Technology and Design, on the implementation of Blackboard Learn.
  • An article by Lance Eaton, Coordinator of Instructional Design, with an update on the Open Text Initiative at NSCC.
  • An article by Larry Davis, history professor, about the presentation that he, Lance Eaton, and Andrea Milligan made at the March conference of the League for Innovation.
  • An editorial by Terri Whitney, english professor and TAC Coordinator, urging the college to become more involved with the League, a national organization focused on teaching with technology that hosts some of the best conferences available on this topic.