Tuesday, November 6, 2012

ANGEL Tip #5: Disabling Tabs

You have heard the saying, You learn something new everyday, well today I learned something new about ANGEL!

Many faculty look to me to help resolve issues or help them design their ANGEL courses to be the most effective for students.  I love helping them and in the process I get to see so many interesting ideas and presentations.  By investigating problems I have, on occasion, come across things you can do in ANGEL to make the flow between faculty and student smooth.  The goal is to make navigating through the course as effortless as possible.  Today, a faculty member showed me how to disable the tabs a student can see across their ANGEL course page.  If you don’t use the tab why have it displayed?

Why don’t you take a look and decide if it is a tab you want to keep?

To disable a tab:

  1. Go to your course shell in Angel
  2. Select the Manage tab
  3. Then under the section “Course Settings,” select to Tab Settings
  4. Select the Tabs that you do not want displayed and change the option to disabled
  5. Remember to save

A great way to make your ANGEL course clean and concise!

How else do you try to make navigating Angel less daunting or challenging for students?  What other ways do you try to make Angel more coherent to your students?  Share your thoughts in the comment box below.