Thursday, October 30, 2014

iDevelop – NSCC’s Faculty Profession​al Developmen​t eNewslette​r (10/27/2014​)

Welcome to iDevelop, a weekly eNewsletter providing faculty with information about professional development opportunities at NSCC.  The intent of this eNewsletter is to spotlight the various professional development events for faculty in one convenient location as well as share best practices, resources and tips related to the teaching practice.

20 Minute Online Professional Development: Is There a Solution to Students Multitasking in Class?
The Monday Morning Mentor series will be available over the fall semester to bring you professional development in twenty minute snippets.  The topic for the week of October 27th is Is There a Solution to Students Multitasking in Class?

The presentation is available Monday at 10:00am and is accessible through Sunday of that week.  For information on accessing the presentation and supplemental materials, please view the email version of iDevelop or the Bulletin notice.

Other Professional Development Opportunities
  1. No Student Left Behind: Want to learn more about the best ways that we can engage and support ALL of our students? Come to the CTLA to meet with representatives from North Shore’s fantastic Disability Services team. Disabilities Services provides leadership, warmth, wisdom and guidance to North Shore’s efforts to ensure an accessible, welcoming working and learning environment for individuals with disabilities while ensuring compliance with federal and state regulations. Here is your opportunity to meet one-on-one with the folks who are our central resource on disability-related information, procedures and services for the NSCC community, and learn from their expertise in the development, implementation, and acquisition of disability-related practices, procedures and resources. And while you are at it, enjoy light refreshments while chatting with your colleagues---snacks are ready at 2PM! ALL FACULTY AND STAFF are welcome. Please RSVP to Andrea DeFusco-Sullivan at
    When: Thursday, October 30th, CTLA, Danvers Berry Building Room 388
  2. Blockbuster Morning of Learning and Sharing! Where can you?….Have a chat with our new Vice President for Academic Affairs, Dr. Karen Hynick. Learn about library resources (and the library’s fabulous staff). Get to know Debbie Campbell and Donna Davis, our wise and welcoming Counseling team. Talk “shop” with our brilliant Assistant Dean of Liberal Studies, and our equally brilliant Coordinator of Instructional Design, Academic Technology. In one morning of  professional development, that’s where! Though this workshop is designed for new part-time faculty, ALL faculty are welcome. Just be sure to RSVP to Rebecca Twalipo at
    When: Saturday, November 1st, Danvers Math/Science Building Room 106B

Share your Teaching Strategies
Please send your teaching strategies to and we will share them in upcoming issues of iDevelop.

“I currently have a course that I am "flipping".  To ensure students prepare, I assign review questions that have to be done before class.  Since this is a management class and we are learning time management, I absolutely don't accept late assignments.  Students have been very responsive and most are keeping up.”
-Bernadette Lucas, Nutritional Science Department

iDevelop is being brought to you by Academic Technology and the Center for Teaching, Learning, and Assessment.  If you have any professional development events, best practices, resources or tips to share with other faculty, please send them our way.  Also, we would love your input on this eNewsletter.

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Academic Technology and the Center for Teaching, Learning, and Assessment