Friday, April 24, 2015

Blackboard Learn for All Courses – Summer 2015

Over the past year, Instructional Technology and Design (ITD) and Information Systems (IS) has been working on the implementation of the latest version of Blackboard Learn and the migration away from ANGEL.

Starting this summer, all courses (online, hybrid, and face-to-face) will be delivered in Blackboard Learn. ITD will be offering training for NSCC faculty as well as open labs throughout the spring and summer. To view the complete schedule of workshop sessions (with descriptions) and to RSVP, please visit this web site:

ITD has migrated over content from summer 2014 and fall 2014 ANGEL course shells into Blackboard Learn. You will see them listed in the My Courses module on the Blackboard Learn My Home page. Spring 2015 course shells will not be migrated over to Blackboard Learn until June. If you need a spring 2015 course shell migrated over before then, please contact us at  

ITD has also created several resources to aid faculty in the transition from ANGEL to Blackboard Learn.
  • Course Migration from ANGEL to Blackboard Learn: A handout that outlines how course shells and everything that they contain are migrated over from ANGEL and displayed in Blackboard Learn.
  • From ANGEL to Blackboard Learn: A handy reference sheet that lists the common tasks in ANGEL and how to perform them in Blackboard Learn.
  • Blackboard Learn Course Checklist: A quick reference checklist of course areas that should be looked at and updated if necessary, especially as it relates to the migration from ANGEL to Blackboard Learn.
NOTE: ANGEL will be unavailable to faculty and students starting May 18th. You may see summer 2015 course shells in ANGEL but please do not add any content into those shells. You will want to add any new content for your students into your summer 2015 course shells in Blackboard Learn.
Please do not hesitate to contact ITD at if there are any questions about the Blackboard Learn implementation.