Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Upcoming ANGEL Archive

As outlined in the NSCC ANGEL Course Archive Policy, Academic Technology is in the process of archiving older ANGEL course sites and removing them from the ANGEL server.  We will also be deleting some old course sites from the archive.  We wanted to provide you with advanced notice before any course sites are deleted from the ANGEL server and also from the archive.  Below is an outline of the our timeline for deleting courses from the ANGEL server as well as from the archive.
  • Course sites from Spring 2013 - Will be removed from the ANGEL server and placed in archive on June 1, 2014. Spring 2013 courses are scheduled to be permanently deleted from archive on October 1, 2017.
  • Course sites from Fall 2009 - Will be permanently deleted from the archive on June 1, 2014.
If you would like to retain these course sites for a longer period of time, you have the option of generating your own archive and there are several available options for storage, including:
  • Your P: Drive network folder (only accessible on campus)
  • Your Google Drive, accessible through the your  NSCC email account
  • A personal storage medium, i.e. USB drive, portable hard disk, computer, CD
  • External cloud storage solutions, available at little to no cost (such as Dropbox or SkyDrive)
Directions for generating your own course archive (content and student data) are available at:  Staff members from Instructional Technology and Design will be available to assist you in archiving your ANGEL course sites.  If you need assistance, please email the ANGEL Helpdesk at