Monday, October 1, 2012

Podcasts in the Classroom

Consider Classroom Podcasts!
Often times when we think of using the Smart Classroom, we think of using video materials or PowerPoints with our class. Podcasts, however, are a great educational tool to use in the classroom—speeches, poetry, stories, and news clips—are all great types of podcasts to bring into the classroom or have your students listen to at home or on their computers, cellphones or mp3 players.

One application or web tool is “Stitcher”. It’s an on-demand internet radio service and application for the iPhone, Palm, and Android devices. Stitcher brings together content for thousands of providers, including NPR, CNN, MSNBC, Fox News, the BBC, AP, and more. It also gives you local stations so that you can easily utilize local content in the classroom.

With upcoming local and national elections, Stitcher is the ideal site to engage students in the political process. Check it out at or on your mobile device.  (For instructions on how to use Stitcher for different platforms, we recommend checking out Youtube for instructional videos such as this one that shows you how to use it on your iPhone).

Podcasts are plentiful at the following sites as well:
If you’d like more information about utilizing podcasts in the classroom, please contact me at

Enjoy this new engaging experience for your students!

Have you used podcasts before?  What was your experience like?  How would you like to use podcasts in your class?