Tuesday, December 16, 2014

iDevelop – NSCC’s Faculty Profession​al Developmen​t eNewslette​r (12/15/201​4)

Welcome to iDevelop, a weekly eNewsletter providing faculty with information about professional development opportunities at NSCC. The intent of this eNewsletter is to spotlight the various professional development events for faculty in one convenient location as well as share best practices, resources and tips related to the teaching practice. iDevelop is being brought to you by Academic Technology and the Center for Teaching, Learning, and Assessment. 

20 Minute Online Professional Development

The Monday Morning Mentor series, professional development in twenty minute snippets, will kick off the spring semester on January 26, 2015 with What Kinds of Questions Encourage Student Interaction? More information will be available in an upcoming issue of iDevelop.

Other Professional Development Opportunities

To stay current on professional development opportunities offered by Instructional Technology over the winter break and during the spring semester, be sure to:
  • Read the Learning, Education, Technology and Support (LETS) Blog at http://nscclets.blogspot.com/. ITD’s goal with this blog is to provide an informative and useful resource for faculty and staff by highlighting events, spotlighting projects, and presenting current information around instructional technology while also providing a growing pool of resources, recommendations, tools, and materials for teaching and learning purposes.
  • "Like" the North Shore Community College Academic Technology Page on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/myNSCC.acadtech. On the Academic Technology Facebook page, AT provides information about upcoming professional development opportunities, links to interesting articles on integrating technology into the teaching and learning environment, and presents tips on using the various instructional technology resources.
This will be the last issue of iDevelop for the fall semester. We will publish the first one of the spring semester on January 19, 2015. We hope you have enjoyed this weekly eNewsletter and would love your input. Please let us know if you have any feedback on the format, content, and resources or if there is anything else you would like to see in the eNewsletter.

Thank you,
Academic Technology and the Center for Teaching, Learning, and Assessment