Monday, January 12, 2015

ANGEL and Blackboard Learn – Spring 2015

Over summer 2014, Academic Technology (AT) and Information Systems (IS) kicked off the implementation of the latest version of Blackboard Learn and the migration away from ANGEL. The entire process will take approximately a year to complete and will occur in several phases.

For the spring 2015 semester, both ANGEL and Blackboard Learn will be used by faculty and students. During this transition phase, faculty and students may need to use two learning management systems.

Online and hybrid courses: All online and hybrid courses will be offered in Blackboard Learn for the spring 2015 semester. Faculty teaching an online or hybrid course in the spring have been working with ITD over the fall semester to prepare for this transition. Additional training and support was offered over the January break.

Face to face courses: Any faculty member teaching a face to face course that uses the learning management system as a supplement will still be using ANGEL for the spring 2015 semester. Please review the “Preparing your ANGEL Course for a New Semester” checklist if you need directions on getting your course site set up for a new semester.

The first time that all courses (online, hybrid, and face-to-face) will be delivered in Blackboard Learn is summer 2015. Training for faculty teaching during the summer will be offered throughout the spring 2015 semester.

ITD team members are willing to attend upcoming department or division meetings if faculty are interested in learning more about Blackboard Learn or have questions about the implementation. Please contact Andrea Milligan to make arrangements.

We will continue to update the campus community about the implementation through the Bulletin, email, Facebook, and our blog. More information about Blackboard Learn and the migration is available at ITD's Blackboard Learn Site.

Please do not hesitate to contact us at if there are any questions or concerns about the Blackboard Learn implementation.